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FREE CONSULTATION: If you'd like to have more patients and referrals and achieve significant practice growth, you can count on the medical marketing expertise of Mary Groll Marketing to help you reach your goals. Tell us about your practice. Your input helps us develop the plan that brings patients to your door. And rest assured, we are always committed to maintaining the ethics and professionalism of your field. Call us today: 215-885-2803.

Medical Marketing for you:
• Strategic Marketing Plan
• Branding/Logo Design/Identity Package
• Website Design
• News (Press) Releases
• Brochures/Direct Mail
• Newsletters
• Print advertising
• E-Marketing
• Social Media Strategies

Work smarter, not harder,
with our help!

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Let Mary Groll Marketing make YOURS the "go-to" practice.

Myth One: Professional practices are not businesses and should not look to marketing to achieve their goals. Patients will consider such behavior unethical and inappropriate. Or perhaps they will think less of doctors/dentists who seek publicity or "have to advertise."

The Truth: Most medical/dental practices today use marketing strategies to ensure their growth. Those who don't get left behind in the dust.

Myth Two: Marketing is risky business. You spend hard-earned dollars, and you are not sure of a return.

The Truth: Quite the opposite. Marketing is a risk reduction system. Done right, it eliminates the haphazard development of your practice, and sets it on a carefully planned course toward success.


What is a marketing plan? What can it do for you?
A marketing plan is a framework that provides you with strategies and materials to optimize the operation of your office and to take your brand public. After careful analysis of your practice, Mary Groll Marketing uses any or all of the above tools to implement that plan and propel your practice to the next level.

Do doctors and dentists really need a brand?
For sure. People come to know you by your brand. It’s who you are. It represents your values, your mission. Existing and potential patients, even referring doctors and dentists, become comfortable with your brand and seek it out. Mary Groll Marketing develops and maintains your brand--from your logo to your printed materials to your online presence. Consistency breeds recognition.

Why is a website important?
While personal referrals are your best source of patients, most people today surf the internet for local physicians and dentists. Mary Groll Marketing establishes a keyword-rich internet presence for you with the title tags and description tags that make it search-engine friendly. It gives prospective patients a reason to call your office and not your competitor's.


What is e-marketing?
E-marketing is online communication that keeps patients up to date on advances in your field, reminds them of routine screenings, notifies them of new office hours or locations, and introduce new staff members. Mary Groll Marketing creates a steady stream of e-mail that keeps you in touch with your patients.

How about Social Media?
Social media gives you unlimited, free access to both patients and referral sources. It can be a catalyst to explosive growth. But having a Facebook or LinkedIn page means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. Mary Groll Marketing gives you the strategies you need to create a buzz for your practice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

How do news releases, brochures, direct mail pieces, newsletters, and print ads help you grow your practice?
Cumulative marketing brings increased visibility. It helps you to bring in new patients, expand your market share, build your professional reputation, and achieve profitable practice growth. If you have a unique service or procedure, an unusual case, a human interest patient story, new personnel or change of office location, Mary Groll Marketing takes your message to existing and potential patients.

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